About Us

Advocating for First Food Equity

Breastfeed Durham is a health equity advocacy group located in Durham, North Carolina. It is our hope that every family in our community understands the benefits of breastfeeding, and is then able to make informed decisions that are right for them.  We celebrate any amount of breastmilk received by an infant, whether breast- or chestfeeding, given by bottle, or provided by another method (supplemental nursing system, syringe, spoon, gastrostomy tube, Haberman Feeder). Though our focus is human milk feeding, Breastfeed Durham strives to support all Durham families, including families that use formula. We are working to be sensitive to every family’s trials, tribulations, pain, exhaustion, needs, and challenges. There is a great deal of work to be done in Durham before all families will have equitable access to healthcare, breastfeeding support resources, and education. Our definition of breastfeeding “success” is defined by each family’s individual needs and by each family’s individual desires.

Our Mission

The mission of Breastfeed Durham is to foster a more breastfeeding and family friendly Durham by advocating for policies and practices that support breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and human milk feeding, as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our Vision

We recognize that breastfeeding is the “great equalizer,” as JP Grant expressed during his tenure as UNICEF executive director, as it impacts health equity outcomes at all stages of life. Believing that the creation of a breastfeeding family friendly community can ameliorate those inequities, we seek to provide access to education, resources, and support for all families in the Durham community, as well as to advocate for policies that protect nursing families’ rights, in order that they may meet their own personal breastfeeding goals.

Our Goals

With your help, and with equity at the heart of our vision and mission, Breastfeed Durham is promoting and supporting first food equity in Durham. We encourage families to hold healthcare providers accountable for top-quality health care, help families find excellent prenatal care, and teach every family in Durham why breastfeeding matters. We support statewide and international efforts for paid family leave and teach employers how to encourage and support breast/chestfeeding families. We help families find childcare providers that understand breast/chestfeeding. We support local markets that sell healthful food, encourage businesses to fill food deserts, and support the city and county in making beneficial changes for families. We envision a future in which every family that wants to breastfeed will be able to for as long as that family chooses.

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