Supporting Employees During Covid

Breastfeeding is one of the few immune boosters that we currently can offer to our infants during this global pandemic.  We also know breastfeeding rates increase dramatically with support.  Click here to review updates.

Create a Clean & Safe Environment

  • Allow breastfeeding parents to take breaks to express milk or nurse their children
  • Provide access to a private space for expressing milk or nursing that:
    • Is Lockable
    • Is shielded from view
    • Has a hand hygiene station nearby
    • Is NOT a bathroom

Write a Policy

Download a sample policy

Support Each Other 

Become a Breastfeeding Family Friendly Employer

  • Lower healthcare and insurance costs due to healthier babies and parents
  • Reduce the rate of absenteeism due to infant illness
  • Lower employee turnover rates
  • Improve employee and customer loyalty and satisfaction

Apply to be designated a Breastfeeding Family Friendly Employer and/or Community Partner that supports lactating employees, customers, and patrons.

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