Breastfeed Durham believes that equity work with meaning and impact begins with a personal learning journey. As part of our efforts to create a landscape of breastfeeding support, Breastfeed Durham has created equity committees to allow individuals of the same identity to be in community with one another. Systemic inequities negatively affect the health outcomes of everyone, and the work to disrupt systemic racism and oppression is different. Equity Committees allow us to engage in our different work. Some of the products that have come out of these groups include position statements and community resource lists. These Committees can be used to share stories and strategies toward solidarity and liberation, as we collectively work toward creating a world with thriving families and communities.  

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Culturally Appropriate Communities

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We want to Build Health Equity into the Foundation:  Racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic, academic/professional. Stakeholders include community members with different backgrounds, social experiences, religious affiliations, ages, gender identities, personalities, physical needs, political beliefs, opinions, sexual orientations, heritages, and life experiences, (including families that did not meet their planned breastfeeding goals).