New Baby in the House

Written by Durham Families

Things to know

  • Remember to be kind to yourself. Breastfeeding is not as easy as I thought it would be. Took a lot of time and energy. But totally worth it. Good Luck!
  • You can breastfeed, even if you plan to go back to work, you have a C-section, your baby is premature, or you have twins…even triplets!
  • The more your baby nurses the more milk you will have. (Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk Video from Global Health media)
  • Newborns usually nurse 10 to 14 times in a 24-hour period.
  • Babies nurse for nourishment and also for many other important reasons.
  • Nap or rest with your baby when you can.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Talk with someone who has enjoyed nursing.
  • It is okay to feel clueless when you get home
  • Go to at least a couple of breastfeeding support meetings. Even if you don’t continue going, the “normalizing” experience of being around so many women breastfeeding was transformative for me – nobody averting their eyes or giving me weird stares, no anxious, awkward body mechanics required to keep others comfortable or feeling flashed, and no one bringing “too much” attention/focus on you as you try to breastfeed. At the same time, just by being there around others breastfeeding, you get to see all varieties of holds, techniques, babies who fuss and those who don’t (because sometimes it’s the baby who’s clueless, not you!), and if you do have questions or want help, people are kind and happy to offer it.


Global Health Media Breastfeeding Videos

During calamities, breastfeeding is a natural emergency response that mothers can immediately use. – Uploaded from Smart Parenting|BreezePhilippines Breastfeeding

Online and In Person Communities

  • ‘joined at the nip’ Facebook
  • meet up group, Alternative Parenting of Durham.
  • Public Durham Facebook: https://
  • Private Durham Facebook: https://
  • Durham Meetups: Durham-La-Leche-League-Breastfeeding-Support-and-Info/events/
  • South Durham: forum/#!forum/lll-durham-south/join
  • Central Durham: forum/#!forum/lll-central-durham/join
  • Triangle Area Parenting Support: New parent support groups meet for 10 weeks. Groups are available for newborns and older babies in English and Spanish.

Medications & More During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

MotherToBaby, a service of the non-profit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists, is dedicated to providing evidence-based information to mothers, families, and health care professionals about medications, herbal products, infections, vaccines, medical conditions, and other exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Read more.

View a fact sheet that answers frequently asked questions about medications and much more during pregnancy and breastfeeding. MotherToBaby Fact Sheets are available in both English and Spanish and can be downloaded for free.

Now in its 17th Edition, Medications and Mothers’ Milk, is the worldwide best selling drug reference on the use of medications in breastfeeding mothers. This book provides you with the most current, complete, and easy-to-read information on thousands of medications in breastfeeding mothers. This massive update has numerous new drugs, diseases, vaccines, and syndromes. It also contains new tables, and changes to hundreds of existing drugs. Read more.


The LactMed® database contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. It includes information on the levels of such substances in breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effects in the nursing infant. Suggested therapeutic alternatives to those drugs are provided, where appropriate. All data are derived from the scientific literature and fully referenced. A peer review panel reviews the data to assure scientific validity and currency.

Perinatal Mood Support Groups 

  • Perinatal Mood Group: Emerald Doulas: 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 7 pm, 5317, Highgate Dr. Suite 115. Babies under one year are welcome. Free to all pregnant and postpartum women. 919-864-8361
  • Coping with Motherhood:  Women’s Birth and Wellness Center: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month 10:30-12:00, 930 M.L.K. Jr Blvd #202, Chapel Hill, NC, Free. A mother-to-mother support group for pregnant and postpartum moms who are struggling with mood disorders. Facilitated by Nancy Albrecht, RN. Please contact Nancy for more info: 919.933.3301 ext. 207 or
  • Moms Supporting Moms: Weekly Group: Moms Supporting Moms meets at a medical practice in the Rex Healthcare Medical Plaza. Women may obtain the exact location by calling the phone support lune (919.454.6946) and speaking with a volunteer. Also offer phone support and online live support.

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