Family Friendly Businesses and Organizations

We love connecting families in Durham to local businesses that are family-friendly. We celebrate Durham breastfeeding-friendly businesses and organizations! Thank you for supporting breastfeeding families in our community. The businesses listed below have been formally recognized for their support of breastfeeding families. Welcoming breastfeeding families is part of making breastfeeding the norm in our community. Thank you for your support!

Beverages | Body Workers | Books | Breastfeeding | Childbirth Educators |Child Care Providers | Communications | Doulas | Food | Grief | Gymnasium | Health Care | Health Information | Health Research | Marketing | Mental Health | Physical Fitness | Potty Training| Places of Worship |Restaurants | Retail |Support | Teens | Apply


Childbirth Educators/Doulas

Child Care Providers

Food, Beverage, and Restaurants

Gymnasium, Physical Fitness, and Body Workers

Health Research

Health Care: General Health, Grief, Health Information, Mental Health, and Support

Lactation Services and Support

Marketing and Communications

Services for Teens

Places of Worship

Potty Training

Retail: Books

Thank you! On behalf of the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition, Breastfeed Durham, and the families we represent, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to your business for all that you do to support breastfeeding.

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