Equity Before Birth

We had the pleasure recently of speaking with Joy Spencer, the new Executive Director of Equity Before Birth. Equity Before Birth is a Black maternal health nonprofit organization, improving maternal health outcomes by providing supplemental income and sponsorship to families for services and support. They are currently accepting donations via their website (www.equitybeforebirth.com) to continue their work into the new year.

We’ve been able to sponsor 2 moms so far!  We supplemented the income for 2 individuals who needed extra time away from work for healing, processing, and healthcare appointments but found it extremely hard to do so with no paid maternity leave.  These moms have overcome tremendous adversity.  We are extremely happy to help provide a financial cushion so that they can focus on taking care of themselves and their family.  Thanks to our generous donors we are already starting to make a huge impact in the Triangle!
Thanks again, we really appreciate this feature! Your support is super valuable.

Joy Spencer
Executive Director
Equity Before Birth

Equity Before Birth envisions a world where all people have the same chance for a healthy and happy transition to parenthood, while all babies have the opportunity to thrive. Their goal is to decrease infant and maternal mortality rates, morbidity rates, and trauma by providing prenatal and postpartum support through sponsorship.

Beginning in November, they are dispersing assistance to Black birthing people who:

  • do not have paid parental leave and would benefit from supplemental income for a month to help meet basic needs during postpartum recovery
  • would like to hire a Doula to optimize their birth experience
  • do not have paid parental leave and would benefit from a supplemental income to offset wages lost due to having to miss a day of work for a prenatal care appointment

They will continue to provide assistance as long as funds are available. Follow them on social media (@equitybeforebirth on Facebook and Instagram).