Local resources for solo parents

How do I find childcare?

  • Find Childcare Providers: Use existing childcare, google search, ask around, and reach out to Social Services. https://www.childcareservices.org/families/ Sign up for DSS childcare vouchers by emailing: dsschildcarewaitlist@dconc.gov

What other resources and groups are there for solo parents breastfeeding? 

How can I connect with other solo parents through social media

Does Durham offer home visiting programs? 

  • For in-home nurse visits, call Family Connects Durham at (919) 385-0777 if they did not get in contact with you at the time of your birth. It’s a great way to get check-ups for you and the baby without leaving your home! They can also connect you with other great local resources for your family. 
  • Healthy Families Durham offers ongoing support for families with children aged, 0-3. First-time parents. Call (919) 385-0759.
  • Early HeadStart home-based has a similar program for any parent that meets the income requirements (for low-income families). Call (919) 688-5541 or (919) 385 0725. 
  • The Exchange Family Center offers programs to support parents and caregivers in their new roles. https://www.exchangefamilycenter.org/parents-caregivers/family-support-program

How can I receive medical support for breastfeeding or access lactation consultants

  • Medicaid covers 6 visits with a lactation consultant (IBCLC).
    • Women’s Birth and Wellness Center accepts Medicaid (919) 933 3301. 
    • If families are enrolled in Medicaid, they are eligible for WIC and can request lactation services. WIC Telephone: (919) 956-4042

Looking for additional postpartum support

  • Postpartum doulas can help support your transition with your new baby in an empowering way and there are many local options. 
  • MAAME offers postpartum doula support specializing in care for BIPOC families at a sliding scale fee: https://maameinc.org/resources/

Is there anywhere I can get a car seat

  •  Welcome Baby offers new car seats for $15: Call (919) 560-7150. 

Where can I receive diapers

  • The Carolina Diaper Bank offers diapers to parents at many locations throughout the triangle. Learn more here: https://ncdiaperbank.org/triangle. Call (919) 886-8085 to find out the best place to pick them up closest to you, as many locations have changed with COVID. 
    • Durham Children’s Initiative: Thursdays 4 -6 pm @ 2101 Angier Avenue
    • Welcome Baby: Fridays 9am – 1pm @ 721 Foster Street, (919) 560-7150 
    • Durham Community Food Pantry (Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh) Wednesdays 10 am – 1 pm, 5 pm-7 pm & Thursdays 10 am -1 pm Location: 2020 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham (where El Futuro/El Centro Hispano are).

Is there anywhere I can get clothes for my growing child? 

  • Welcome Baby offers a giving closet and clothes pickup for children aged 0-5, and families can access the service monthly. 
  • Welcome Baby also offers parenting classes and other resources for families! 

How do I make sure my SNAP benefits include my new baby

  • Add the baby to SNAP on day 1 of life for increased benefits. Email fnschanges@dconc.gov to add an infant to Medicaid/SNAP and/or change contact info. 

How can I learn more about transportation options for me and my baby? 

  • Call (919) 560-1551 for reservations for the Access van service offered through Medicaid offering $2 rides and if Medicaid approved you can ride free. 
  • Lincoln Community Health Center has a free van for appts (excludes WIC). Call Phone: (919) 956-4000
  • MAAME offers a transportation service for BIPOC families and more services: https://maameinc.org/lyft-every-mama/ 

How can I get support if I am experiencing mood changes since having my new baby? 

  • See MAAME’s resource list for care providers in the area that support postpartum/perinatal mood disorders: https://maameinc.org/resources/

How can I get learning support for my new baby? 

  • The Durham Children’s Initiative offers different programs aimed at supporting children in their development from birth, through parenting support, literacy support, and other initiatives. See their website to learn more: https://dci-nc.org/  

Where can I access food support? 

Are there any additional resources available because of COVID