Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month

Feliz Mes de Nuestra Herencia Hispana! This month we recognize Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15, which honors the contributions and importance of Latinx Americans in the U.S. and celebrates the many cultures of those who come from, or whose ancestors come from, Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Spain.  The COVID pandemic is making clear existing inequities in our community and worsening others.  Thank you for working with Breastfeed Durham to advocate for Spanish-speaking/Latinx families during these difficult and stressful times. We are very excited to see the birth justice and breastfeeding advocacy work with the Pro-Lactancia Hispana Committee continue and grow.  It is critical to Breastfeed Durham’s philosophy that this work is led by the community. 

  • Advocacy Work: 
    • We also want to applaud the efforts of Latin-19.  Latin-19 is a group of local community members that have been meeting weekly to disseminate urgent information and resources related to COVID-19 as they pertain to the Latinx community.  
    • Breastfeed Durham’s Pro-Lactancia Hispana Committee invites maternal health providers who support Spanish-speaking families in Durham to collaborate to improve cross-institutional communication.  Email Breastfeed Durham <> for more meeting information. 
    • The United States Breastfeeding Coalition has put together a list of resources celebrating Hispanic heritage month: USBC : Hispanic Heritage Month