National Breastfeeding Month 2022 | Events

This year’s National Breastfeeding Month theme is Together We Do Great Things. Throughout the month of August, we want to celebrate and recognize all the work you are doing. View Durham’s full list of August events. If you’re having any events, or know of any breastfeeding events in August, please let us know so we can help and support you. Send to Breastfeed Durham at <>.

Weekly Observances

The Entire Month of August

  • Together we can make a difference. Please consider a gift to Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities: Donate.


August 1-7 |  Educate & Support

August 8-14 | Strengthening Our Traditions From Birth and Beyond

August 15-21 | Telling Our Own Stories. Elevating Our Voices

August 22-24 | Take Action and Have an Impact

August 25-31 | BBW 2022: 10 Years, A New Foundation

  • Friday, August 26 | 10-12 PM: An Act of Advocacy hosted by Breastfeed Durham at Phoenix Square Shopping Center, 908 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27701. Help us go door-to-door as we reach out to our favorite locally owned businesses or community organizations as we encourage them to apply to become a Breastfeeding Friendly Community Partner. Add your information to Breastfeed Durham’s GroupMe to receive day-of-text updates and locations.
  • Saturday, August 27 | 11-4:30 PM: Join Breastfeed Durham and other community groups as we celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the Hayti Districts W.D Hill Recreational Center as well as the renovation of Hillside Park. 1301 S Roxboro St, Durham, NC 27707

As we celebrate National Breastfeeding Month, our August 2021 event page will be updated weekly.  Please email us your additions. Breastfeed Durham <>.