Recharge Our Batteries

Take a moment to release the oxytocin and recharge as a community advocate. After attending the United States Breastfeeding Committee Conference in June, our lesson learned for this month was the importance of revitalization and recharging with joy. As healthcare providers, child care providers, community advocates, and/or parents it’s been a difficult and exhausting time.

Here, we would like to compile some links that bring us enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, and gratification- essentially, we want to release that oxytocin! We would love your input in adding additional resources (videos, playlists, pictures, etc) to this page. Members of the community are welcome to email Breastfeed Durham at and we will add your additions throughout the summer. 

Resources to release oxytocin

This video has been around for a long time. But we thought you might all need a little oxytocin celebration.

This playlist was uploaded by the US Breastfeeding Committee for the 2022 National Breastfeeding Conference & Convening. Enjoy!