Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care

This has been a particularly hard time for families in the community, particularly for parents with young children, and we appreciate your continued commitment to help families. We have some updates regarding upcoming events and resources available to support you!

  1. Breastfeed Durham is partnering with Shape NC to offer monthly hour-long learning bursts. These monthly webinars are tentatively scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 1-2PM, starting in January 2021. 
  2. We are working with the Durham County Department of Public Health and community advocates to improve maternal and child health. To publicly show your support for this important Durham public health concern, apply for the  Breastfeeding-Friendly Community Partner and Employer award from the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition. We are here to assist you to fill out the form.
  3. Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities of Durham has set up digital folders to help you with your work to become a  Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care provider. Please pay particular attention to the “Google Docs” inside each subfolder. The Self Assessment provides the steps to help you review the breastfeeding friendly practices in your child care program. Additional resources are available in the five focus areas listed below. To request more information or assistance with any or all of these areas, reach out to us before November 13, via the Google form:
    • Community: Free 30-minute technical assistance (TA) with a local community resource expert. 
    • Environment: Classroom posters for your facility ($30).
    • Professional Development: Added to the mailing list for the Shape NC Learning burst starting in January 2021 on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1 to 2 PM.
    • Curriculum:  Breastfeeding Friendly Curriculum Bundle: 5 books, 3 toys, TA ($185)
    • Policy: Free Durham County Department of Public Health support

We thank you for your interest in supporting breastfeeding families in Durham. We are happy to assist in any way you may find helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to answering any questions. Thank you for your commitment to offering a safe and welcoming place for young families in our community.   For help or support, (919) 622-8787 <>