Fatherhood of Durham

Fatherhood of Durham (FOD) was founded in 2011 but re-established in 2018 as a father-centered program to enable men to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to become responsible fathers and co-parents. Through their many programs and outreach services, Fatherhood of Durham hopes to builds stronger families by supporting fathers to develop more skills do you thrive in the face of changeless from financial, health, relationship to other critical challenges. Fatherhood of Durham have a 12-week evidence-based programs that offers education and services uniquely tailored to improve the knowledge, behavior and skills of fathers.

FOD is planning an event called Fatherhood of Durham Community Celebration. Our goal is to educate, celebrate and recognize fathers and their families. This will include partnerships and collaborations with community organization’s surrounding parenting, health & wellness, supporting children and of course education. They are planning to host our event on October 31, 2021, during the hours of 1:30pm and 4:30pm at Oak Grove Athletic Associates Fields located at 205 Stallings Rd. Durham N.C.  

Fatherhood of Durham currently needs your support. The upcoming event with the need of volunteers, vendors and donations to support the meaningful effort to educate and support fathers and families. Please visit our website at www.Fatherhoodofdurham.org for your support.  

Come and Celebrate with us.