ON-Demand Webinar| Black Breastfeeding: Trauma and Resilience

Last night, I listened to a ON-Demand webinar “Black Breastfeeding: Trauma and Resilience” The keynote speaker, Bonita Agee, is great, and her closing remarks were incredible. She talked about how difficult it is to talk about one’s own trauma.  This webinar is an hour well spent.  

Presenter: Bonita Agee, BS, CLC
Description: “In the United States, Black breastfeeding rates are lowest among all racial and ethnic groups. Even while breastfeeding rates have risen, a huge disparity between Black and white women consistently remains. Additionally, the infant mortality rate among Black babies is two to three times that of white babies. While the benefits of breastfeeding could significantly lower that rate and guard against diseases like upper respiratory infections, Type 2 Diabetes, and childhood obesity common in Black communities, barriers continue to persist that prevent Black women from reaching their nursing goals. This presentation will bring to focus multiple roadblocks, from historical trauma through present day factors, that impact breastfeeding, highlight the rise of Black lactation advocates, and outline ways to provide culturally responsive support for Black women and their infants.”

**Available for continuing education until April 21, 2021

Approved for 1 L-CERP, 1 nurse’s contact hour, 1 social work CE hour, and 1 dietitian CPEU.

Intended audience

Michigan Breastfeeding Network presents FREE Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinars that launch on the third Tuesday of the month at 8am EST. In planning and implementation of these webinars, we are grounding our efforts in this working definition of racial equity:

These webinars are designed to support practice change among peer counselors, maternity care nurses, and home visitors. In providing these webinars, we are committed to 4 core values access, evidence, equity, and relevance.

  • Access: alignment with ongoing efforts to equitably establish breastfeeding support in every community by providing free, web-based, and regularly occurring continuing education opportunities that equip trusted leaders to provide breastfeeding support in their communities
  • Evidence: collaborating with presenters who share respectfully gathered data to inform practical, successful approaches to increase the feasibility of breastfeeding success
  • Equity: collaborating with presenters who center the individuals, families, and communities they serve in the approaches they share and whose work is centered outside of the dominant culture
  • Relevance: providing pertinent information on dismantling roadblocks to success that are timely and necessary to increase the feasibility of breastfeeding today

We are grateful to partner with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Health and Wellness with support provided by Ohio Department of Public Health, Illinois Department of Public Health, Wisconsin Department of Public Health, Minnesota Department of Public Health, Connecticut Department of Health, and Tyler Rigg Foundation to offer this series and make it FREE to participate.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: communications@mibreastfeeding.org