Love Anderson

Doulas Are Back

A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a parent who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. Their purpose is to help families have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience. Doulas are welcome at… Duke University Hospital Duke Regional Hospital UNC-Chapel Hill Hospital Rex …

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Silence Is Deadly

Racism is a public health issue. Black women die in pregnancy-related deaths at a rate that is 3.3 times greater than white women…Yet, approximately 3 in 5 pregnancy-related deaths were preventable.” We know that breastfeeding right after birth, causing the uterus to contract and slow down blood loss after delivery. We know that breastfeeding also lowers infant mortality rate. Why then are Black mothers and Black babies so often denied the life-saving encouragement to breastfeed?

ON-Demand Webinar| Black Breastfeeding: Trauma and Resilience

The keynote speaker, Bonita Agee, is great, and her closing remarks were incredible. This presentation brings to focus multiple roadblocks, from historical trauma through present day factors, that impact breastfeeding, highlight the rise of Black lactation advocates, and outline ways to provide culturally responsive support for Black women and their infants.

Apply before June 30: Breastfeeding-Friendly Award

Apply Now Employers in North Carolina have gone to extraordinary measures to support and protect families. We want to celebrate you! With so many families working from home right now, more organizations qualify than ever before. Apply today to receive a Breastfeeding Friendly Award. Breastfeeding-Friendly Community Partners are businesses or organizations that welcome breastfeeding families. …

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LGBTQIA+ Resources

June is Pride Month! The USBC has published a webpage titled, “LGBTQIA+ Resources and Pride Month.” The webpage features a compilation of resources, tools, and materials from the field that can be shared with breastfeeding families. Resources, Tools, and Materials Boston Breastfeeding Coalition Queer Inclusive Breastfeeding Support MomsRising  Social Media Toolkit  La Leche League International …

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Equity Matters

We work against racism one baby at a time. We hope to help babies become healthier and happier. All these amazing healthy, happy babies will grow up to be healthy, happy adults. Then just maybe, we can make a healthier happier world! As you struggle with how to talk to children about issues like these, the Center for Racial Justice in Education recommends a list of resources that you may find helpful at this time.

Community Empowerment

It’s difficult to imagine being a first time parent in the midst of these changing times.
The Community Empowerment Fund (CEF) and a collective of community advocacy groups has put together a COVID-19 community resource page. They added an early a childhood (age 0 to 5 years) and a maternal health section this week. It was extremely important to Breastfeed Durham to put together a comprehensive list. Thank you for all your help.